6 Foods That Clean Your Pet’s Teeth Naturally

Not many people are aware that dental disease is common among dogs. The cost to treat the disease can become a major financial burden for pet owners. The dental health of a dog affects how their entire body functions (especially their digestive system). Thus, it is important to make sure your dog has a healthy mouth so they can live a wholesome and disease-free life.

Below is a list of six foods that are proven to benefit your dog’s dental health.

Raw Meaty Bones

Experts believe that there are plenty of natural enzymes present in raw foods. These natural enzymes are extremely helpful in preventing bacterial plaque. Veterinarians and pet owners have observed healthier gums and teeth in dogs who love to chew on raw meaty bones and those who have raw foods incorporated into their diet.

Antibacterial: Chlorella Powder
Research that was recently conducted on health foods and supplements for dogs has found that Blue-green algae can be a great source of antibacterial nourishment. The antibacterial properties found in the algae can freshen your dog’s breath and promote healthy gums. The algae can be given in chlorella powder that can be easily added to your dog’s food.

Note: Add a sixth of a spoonful of chlorella powder to 10 pounds of dog food. Don’t be scared if your dog’s mouth turns blue, this is a typical reaction and will return to normal after a few minutes.

Antioxidants: Fresh Mint and Parsley
Oxidants have been linked to various chronic dental diseases in dogs. Oxidative stress causes severe damage to cells and tissues within the body. Therefore a dog’s diet that is rich in antioxidants can have positive impact on your dog’s dental health. Experts suggest sprinkling chopped parsley and mint leaves over your dog’s favorite food to add antioxidants to their diet.

Any type of jerky, whether its chicken, beef, or salmon, can be helpful in cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums. The rough texture of the jerky acts as a brush and does a great job scrubbing a dog’s teeth to promote your canine’s dental health.

Note: Make sure to purchase jerky that is made up 100% meat and does not contain sugar.

Biodent carries a combination of minerals, cold-pressed ground bone, and adrenal gland fluids. This product is known to support healthy and strong jaw bones, teeth, and connective tissues. Ask your dog’s vet about biodent products that can benefit your dog’s dental health.

Fatty Acids: Yogurt
Yogurt is rich in fatty acid and can help manage dental inflammation in dogs. Researchers highly recommend adding plain yogurt to your dog’s food because of its beneficial bacterial properties. Yogurt also contains calcium and vitamin D which is yet another benefit that will aid in strengthening your dog’s bones.

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Author: Michelle Anastasio-Festi