The Heart of Pampered Pets USA

According to the NCCS (National Center for Charitable Statistic) in 2010 there were 17,985 animal-related public charities in the United States that accounted for $5,324,597,375 total in revenue. Wow! We are very fortunate to live in such a charitable and conscience-centered society.

Pampered Pets USA™ is honored to have supported several of these charities over the years. One, in particular, we would like to call attention to is Freedom Dogs. Freedom Dogs is dedicated to speed the recovery and social integration, as well as enhance the lives of soldiers and wounded military members (including those suffering from PTSD) through pairing them with Specialty Service Dogs. Freedom Dogs also provides custom training for permanent placement. “Heroes for our Heroes.”

Another reason we love organizations like Freedom Dogs is that of the high marks they receive in accountability and transparency from Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is a very handy website to help you decide which organizations are the best stewards of your generous donations.

As a part of our pet-loving community, we encourage you to find and support the charity that is closest to your heart. Together we make our world a better place for people and animals alike.